Bill Cornick started flying in the U.S. Air Force in 1953. After serving ten
years in the military, he returned to civilian flying as a charter pilot, a flight instructor, and a corporate pilot. Bill joined United Airlines as a flight instructor in 1965. He has logged over 26,000 hours in the air and, until reaching his 60th birthday, Bill was a Captain on Boeing 757's and 767's.

A veteran air show performer, Bill has thrilled crowds throughout the Western United States for over twenty five years. He is well known in the aerobatic world both as an outstanding air show performer and as a top Unlimited competition pilot.

Bill also served for over twenty years as National Judge for the International Aerobatic Club, he is an "ACE" (Air Show Competency Evaluator) for the International Council of Air Shows, and has been designated as a "Master Flight Instructor" by the National Association of Flight Instructors and as a "Master Flight Instructor-Aerobatics" by the National Association of Flight Instructors and the International Aerobatic Club.


William E. Cornick, ATP-1341885, CFI-II, SEL, MEL

-Over 26,000 hours flight time.
-More than 2,000 hours aerobatic flight time.
- Competition aerobatics since 1978.
- National Judge, International Aerobatic Club 20 years.
-Unlimited competition competitor for 16 years.
-Air show performer since 1980.
-Surface level waiver in Pitts and North American T-28.
-Air show Competency Evaluator for International Council of Air shows.
-Master Flight Instructor-Aerobatics designation by National Association of Flight Instructors & International Aerobatic Club.

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Pitts S-2C Emergency Extraction Procedures
Aerobatic Instruction

Aviat Pitts S-2C
Training in all maneuvers; basic thru unlimited aerobatics including flat spins and gyroscopic maneuvers.

Cessna C-140
Ideal for tail wheel transition and introductory spin training.
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